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Melbet bookmaker office is one of the most popular sites with betting on sports events. However, in order to get access to them it is necessary to register and authorize. You can create an account on the site for free and in just a few minutes. It does not take much time to make a deposit and get bonuses either.

How to log in to your account

Melbet login is available from all versions of the site - old, new and mobile. There is no difference and logging in from applications - for cell phones or personal computers. Authorization will require the user to enter login, password and, if two-factor authentication is enabled, one-time password from the application.

Bookmaker's office Paris match login to the site does not take much time and does not require specific actions from the user.

The main difference, when authorization is needed, between the new and old versions of the site of Melbet - speed. In the old version of the site when you click on "Login" the user is redirected to the new page. If two-factor authentication is connected, he will be redirected to the new page once again so that he could enter one-time password. After filling in all the fields the user will be redirected again, this time to the home page of the site.

In the new version of Melbet login to the site is on a single page without reloading. And even with two-factor authentication enabled, a new field appears without reloading the page. Thus, as soon as the registration in the bookmaker is completed, Melbet login is faster to do from the new version of the site.

In the mobile app you can use Face ID or Touch ID as your login and password. Bookmaker's office Melbet login is constantly working on the loading of the personal account as quickly as possible.

Where to find the personal cabinet

Melbet login to the personal cabinet is available after the username and password have been entered correctly. The top of the page of the bookmaker's office has several sections, which are part of the personal cabinet in one way or another. To enter the personal office of the bookmaker it is enough to click on your name and surname in the upper right corner of the page. This will take the user to the main page of the personal cabinet.

Problems with logging into your account

Sometimes Melbet login does not work on the first try. In this case you need to check the correctness of the login, password and one-time password if two-factor authentication is connected. If for some reason there is no login or password, the page Paris match login has a form to restore them. You will need to enter the email address entered during registration, date of birth and, in some cases, the answer to a secret question.

bookmaker Melbet takes care to ensure that users can safely restore access to their account. Therefore, in case of difficulties, you can contact the support service.